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Updated: February 05, 2024 - Upcoming Broadway auditions, regional theater auditions and national tour theatre casting calls, with data provided by the Actors' Equity Association. .

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Auditions are updated daily in real time, and are available directly from Actors' Equity Association.

At this time auditions can only be submitted directly via Actors' Equity Association. Please submit your Equity audition to the union to be listed here. To submit a non-equity audition, click here. To submit a different type of job posting, visit the Classifieds.

BroadwayWorld has a complete guide on auditions, including song selection, monologue ideas, advice from industry professionals and more. Click here.

You can find song selection advice, including a breakdown of recommended materials by voice type here.

See our guides breaking down advice for specific audition types here.

Submission details are included within each audition's page, including requirements for pre-screens or agent submissions.

Each audition has a unique deadline, usually included with the listings.

This varies. Calls for submissions are usually virtual, while open auditions are often in person in NYC.

Each audition listing includes specifics on what to prepare.

Auditions are vetted and submitted by Actors' Equity Association.

You may join Equity under the “Open Access” program if you have worked professionally as an actor or stage manager in a theatrical production within Equity’s geographical jurisdiction.

If you have worked on a previous Equity Contract, worked as an EMC or Local Jobber or have been a member of Equity prior you may contact us to inquire about joining and filing a new Membership Application.

If you have worked professionally as an actor or stage manager in Equity’s geographical jurisdiction you will need to provide a copy of your contract and proof of pay (i.e. pay stub, W2, 1099, etc).

If you are joining Equity through Open Access, at least $600 initial payment is due with your application, and you must have completed any non-union theatre work.  

You may join the Association by virtue of employment under an Equity contract. Applications for joining Equity are only valid during the term of the contract. Certain contract types also have a length-of-employment requirement before a membership application becomes valid; the Membership Department will advise you at the time of joining.

Learn more here.

Auditions for all Broadway shows are under Equity contracts, listed on BroadwayWorld via the union.

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